November 13, 2018
11:00 AM - 1:00 PM
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Tech Town
440 Burroghs St
Detroit, MI 48202
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This meeting is for members only.

We are making a difference in the Detroit Metropolitan area & are looking for Professionals,
Advocates and Visionaries who want to build our local chapter and grow professionally!!
If you feel a duty to serve come and be part of an organization that is Growing and Creating Opportunities to   
Empower its Members and the Communities we serve!
Immediate Positions Available 
The following leadership positions are available and the respective duties of each position are summarized below: 
President (2 year term): 
The President shall be the chief executive officer of the
association and shall preside at all regular and executive committee meetings. The President is directly charged with the execution of this Constitution. The President shall have the authority to appoint an executive committee and all standing and special committees, unless otherwise directed by the Board of Directors and shall be or designate an ex-officio of all said committees
Vice President (1 year term): performs duties delegated by the President; performs the duties of the President when the President is absent or otherwise unable to perform his or her duties.  The VP shall oversee several standard committees and chapter initiatives/events to help meet chapter goals.
Secretary (1 year term): takes and publishes, where appropriate, minutes of all regular and special meetings, provides meeting and official notices to members and shall oversee the social media aspects of the chapter.
Treasurer (1 year term): oversee all financial aspects of the chapter, oversee expenses as needed, keeps accurate books and records of the local chapter receipts and disbursements. Shall be responsible for preparing monthly National roster of all chapter members.
Sergeant-at-Arms  (1 year term): shall keep order at all GDRAmeetings
Parliamentarian (1 year term): shall rule on all questions of procedure when call upon to do so by the presiding officer.  Also, shall work to keep the meetings on track and in order.
Chaplain (1 year term): at the request of the presiding officer, address members at all regular meetings and/or  special events with words of encouragement and inspiration
Director - 2 seats (3 year term): as a working board, establish major administrative policies governing the affairs of the association, devise and implement effective measures for the association's viable development and growth.



$0.00 November 2018 Business Meeting

$0.00 November 2018 Business Meeting